Case Study: Leica Biosystems

Case Study: Leica Biosystems 2018.
Event Dates: Spring 2018.
Event Location: Seoul, Korea.

Leica Biosystems is one of the world’s top medical equipment companies.   Leica Biosystems organizes an annual corporate event for employees, management, and executive.  This is a private event with attendees arriving from around the world.   EventMeow platform powered a private, branded mobile app used by Leica Biosystems.  There were several unique requirements.  First, the event is private so only registered attendees can login to the app.   Second, there were multiple simultaneous speaking tracks for different regions and topics and across several days.   The schedule agenda in the app must accommodate the multiple tracks and display them seamlessly for searching and viewing.   Thirdly, meetings were held in multiple locations with designated seating charts.   The app must show interactive map and floor plans for the event.   Lastly, the app must integrate with social postings for attendees to bond over many after-hour fun events.  The Leica app powered by EventMeow met all requirements easily and was credited with the success of the event.


On short notice, we contracted Eventmeow to construct an app for our annual sales and marketing kick-off event. First of all, the set-up and pre-work was much easier than I ever imagined. While other companies wanted to send a full-time staff to be present on site, the technology of Eventmeow was very intuitive and 100% automated. The technology did the work, and not the people. Second, the app itself was extremely high quality, and we experienced zero mishaps nor technical issues. What a relief! Third, and perhaps the most important part of the experience, was the customer focused staff. They asked the right questions, and were attentive to all of our requests. At the end of the day, we had a fantastic meeting, and a big part of the success was due to the wonderful experience we had with this app. Highly recommended.

-Walt Ling, Vice President, APAC, Leica Biosystems.


Posted on April 6, 2018 in Conferences

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