Why Use An Event App?

Event planners are always trying to improve the event experience for their attendees.  In today’s era of technology, everyone has a mobile device and expects to have updated information in real time. It is more important than ever for event organizers to consider using a mobile event app.

According to Engaging Events, the technologies that are most used by event managers are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%), and live streaming tools.

What Can An Event App Do?

An mobile app for your event can serve many purposes: interact with your audience, provide event information, allow attendees to check in on social media, communicate over a private social network, and more.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should have an event app.

Save Time and Money

Why spend thousands of dollars and tons of time creating schedules and programs that the majority of your event participants will throw away?  For a fraction of the cost and time, you can have a custom app.

An app also allows you to let attendees know about any updates to the schedule or other last-minute changes without the need for printing out signage or addendums to your program.

Attendee Convenience

Your event attendees will love the convenience of having everything they need to know about your event in one place.  Your app can be a one-stop-shop. For some events, an app will even replace the need of having a web page. Your event app will allow app users to plan their personal schedule ahead of time and be informed by push notifications about any event updates or special offers.

Private Social Network

Attendees will be able to interact with each other within the app.  Attendees can exchange contact information through badge scanning and though profiles within the app.  Attendees have the option of sharing information with other conference app users only or across all platforms of social media.

Collecting Data

An event app can help event professionals collect and manage data.  You can measure app adoption rates, collect attendee profiles, and collect data about what your attendees are searching for.  You can also conduct surveys in real time and allow your attendees to ask their own questions. This data will be valuable in helping you create your event strategy for your next event.


Your event app can even help you to make money.  You can sell ad space within the app to your sponsors and also help them drive leads.  You will also get valuable analytic data about how well the ads are performing. Learn more about how to monetize your event app HERE.

Premium Event Technology, Affordable Cost

If you’d like more information about EventMeow and how it can help you customize our app for your own event, please contact us today.  EventMeow is available for both Apple and Android.


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