How To Use An Event App To Help Your Exhibitors Get More Leads

If you are planning a conference or trade show, you likely have sponsors or exhibitors who are coming the your event for the sole purpose of acquiring quality leads.

Choosing to exhibit at an event is generally expensive.  There are numerous costs: exhibitor fees, designing and transporting your booth, flights, hotels, meals, booth workers’ pay, and swag for the attendees.

As an event marketing professional, you want to give your sponsors and exhibitors the best return on their investment.  How do you ensure that they receive the highest number of quality leads? Event technology like a mobile event app that can deliver qualified leads is an invaluable asset for your next event.

Lead Retrieval Apps

Lead generation is one top reasons that event management professionals attend trade shows and expos.  A mobile event app can assist with this process a great deal.

A lead retrieval app helps an exhibitor capture leads at an event.  Typically, the app will allow the exhibitor to capture leads through a QR code scanner or badge scanner.  QR code scanning is a huge time savings over collecting business cards and having to manually input them into your CRM system.  An app can integrate with your management software, providing your team with valuable leads in the shortest amount of time.

Increase Booth Traffic

At large trade show, the floor plan can be confusing.  Typically, shows have kiosks with maps or hand out paper maps with the program to help attendees get around.  These types of maps can be difficult to read and result in attendees needing more time to get each booth and visiting less exhibitors.

An effective event app will have a dynamic indoor map integrated into the program.  A mobile indoor map app allows for search options and last-minute changes to the floor plan.  The result is attendees finding their way around the floor faster, visiting more exhibitors, and the creation of more valuable leads.

Real-Time Attendee Engagement

Many event apps allow users to create attendee profiles within the app once they have completed the online registration process.  When an attendee stops by your booth and you scan their name badge, you may learn valuable information about the attendee that will support you in making a meaningful connection with them.

Mobile event apps also allow sharing on social media, which generates a buzz around the event beyond the people who actually attended.

Affordable Custom Mobile Apps

If you would like to learn more about EventMeow and how our mobile app solution can help your exhibitors get more leads, contact us today for a free demo.  Our app is available for iPhone in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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