How To Create Revenue With An Event App

Event marketing professionals are often looking for extra money in the budget to pay for everything that they need to execute a successful event.  Oftentimes, they might be reluctant to try new event technology for the first time because they are worried about the associated time and cost.

Luckily, for event planners who want to create a mobile app, your app can actually generate revenue for your event, which can allow you to pay for your app and provide a new source of revenue for your organization.

Exclusive App Sponsorship

One option for driving sponsorship revenue is finding a single exclusive sponsor for your mobile event app.  This sole event app sponsorship opportunity will allow the sponsor to achieve enhanced visibility before, during and after your event.

Consider pricing your exclusive sponsorship offer to cover all expenses of building the app plus extra revenue for your event.  You could offer your exclusive app sponsor visibility within your app with a special landing page in your app, highlighting the sponsor’s booth within your in-app map, and banner ads on each page.

Upsell Sponsor Packages

If you sell sponsor packages, you can consider including app sponsorship opportunities within your sponsorship packages.  Your prospective sponsors will appreciate the value add and consider upgrading to higher sponsorship levels for increased exposure.

There are a number of ways to generate revenue through sponsorship package upsells.  You might consider including a sponsor landing page within your app that highlights the sponsors that bought at a certain level.

Banner Ads

Your potential sponsors will appreciate if you decide to include banner ads within your sponsorship options.  Banner ads are a great way to increase visibility and also provide a quantifiable return on investment because you will be able to provide them with analytics about the number of app users and the number of attendees who clicked on their banner ads.

Sponsored Notifications

You can utilize the push notification capabilities of your app to drive additional event revenue.  Posts can go out before the event and include a mix of message from your sponsors as well as information about the logistics of your event.  Notifications go out in real-time and can enhance the attendee experience by providing information about schedule updates, special promotions, and giveaways.

Affordable Custom Mobile Apps

If you would like to learn more about EventMeow and our mobile app solution, contact us today for a free demo.  Our app is available for iPhone in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.


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