Common Concerns With Event Apps

As event technology becomes increasingly popular, many event planners  are considering using a mobile app for their next event.

After all, a mobile event app offers solutions for so many common event issues: saving time and money, attendee convenience, private social network, collecting data, and monetization.

With so many benefits, it’s hard to understand why all event professionals aren’t using mobile apps.  Here, we address the most common concerns that event planners have with mobile apps.

Cost Prohibitive

Many event planners cite cost as one of the main things that are stopping them from creating their own mobile app.  Event Meow has simple pricing that will fit within your event budget.  Our pricing begins at just $299 per event for a standard meeting package which provides schedules, exhibitors, social media feed, floor plans, badge scanning, and more.  Our meetings professional package offers all of the benefits of the standard package plus real-time push notifications, surveys, sponsor ads management and CRM integration.  Our meetings exclusive plan provides all of the benefits of the meetings professional package plus branded event app customization and support throughout your entire event experience.

Additionally, our app offers event managers the opportunity to create additional revenue.  Our app offers a version that allows you to create ads for your sponsors, which will create an additional stream of revenue for your event.

Takes Too Much Time

Event planning is hard work.  In the months that lead up to your corporate event, conference, party, or trade show, you have so many details to worry about: marketing to the target audience, the guest list, event venue, vendor-related issues, event registration, uncooperative weather, and crowd-control.  The last thing that you want to do is give yourself another project that takes up too much of your time.

Additionally, some of the event apps out there require many months lead time.  If you are creating your own app, you will need enough time for development and getting through Apple’s lengthy approval process.

Luckily, EventMeow is an easy-to-use solution that you set up and publish in hours.

Too Complicated

The entire purpose of an event app to to make an event more accessible.  If the app itself is complex and not user-friendly, you will have the additional task of teaching the user how to use the app.  Some apps out there require training, time to learn, and support to help figure out how to use the interface.

EventMeow is simple and intuitive to use.  You can have your entire event published within a few hours.  All you have to do is register for a free account and we will create a free demo event for you to test drive.

Affordable Custom Mobile Apps

If you would like to learn more about EventMeow, contact us today for a free demo.  Our app is available for Apple and Android.

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